Vintage Fabric Lamp Shade
About Johanna


Vintage Fabric Lamp Shade was heavenly inspired with such creations as one-of-kind lighting fixtures of vintage lamps paired with custom created lampshades.  They are made from rare vintage materials collected from around the world.

These collected art pieces are created completely by hand using materials gathered from the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco era, and slightly beyond.  We particularly like to work with beaded tea gowns, satin lingerie flowers, gold bullion appliqués, cut velvets, metallic gold laces, and colorful crystal droplets and beads.  Our creations include table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and wall sconces.

These whimsical creations and romantic lighting is rarely found in this time period.  These lamps will delight the eye, arouse curiosity, evoke a sense of wonder and reflect a quality of both timelessness and days gone by.  Adorn your home with these cherished treasures.  Each one is a jewel for your home.  Please peruse the site to see more beautiful creations.

Unique Creations Born of Inspiration, Destined for Brilliance

Some lighting is original in design – with form or function as its mainstay.  However, when lighting serves to both illuminate and enrapture, then it is art.  With precision and dedication, we design and create vintage lighting that is truly “one-of-a-kind”.

Working with quality materials, we create lamps unique to each client.  No fixture is ever the same.  We work with materials that are meaningful to the customer.  It can be anything from beads, laces, flowers, cherished clothing, or even an antique piano cover - We do everything completely by hand.”

With our vision to add wonder and romance to any setting, we have also used our talents to enhance ‘sets’ in the entertainment industry.  Yet, regardless which sacred space we decorate, our creations will always provide a glow for all to enjoy.